Lightspun Thoughts

The random ramblings of a christian canadian computer geek gamer guy

I am light.

I am Darkness.

I am Vertimyst.

I'm a teen from Canada. Yea, that cold place above the US where everyone supposedly lives in igloos (we don't, btw).

My main interests, for the most part, lie in computers. I also enjoy writing (in many categories), and when I'm not doing that, you often find me reading a good fantasy book, or playing some sort of video game.

Speaking of video games, I've always liked the idea of making a game myself, but never managed to do so, since I'm a bit on the lazy side... :P

I have my own website at http://www.darknet-fusion.co.cc, as well as my more tech-oriented blog at http://vertimyst.blogspot.com. The former is hosted on my own server, which runs Ubuntu Linux - I'm also a Linux enthusiast, although I use Windows most of the time when I'm in a gaming mood.